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Abstacts Submitted as of:   (last update 02/15)

Posters (pinned to a wall)

  1. Invasive plants and bird nesting success in Missouri River riparian forests

  2. Reconnaissance Survey of Spawning Habitat Potential in the Lower Yellowstone River, Montana

  3. The first examination of diet items consumed by wild-caught black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) in the U.S.

  4. Effect of water temperature on growth, energy reserves, settling time, and mortality of endogenous Pallid Sturgeon larvae

  5. Bird use of early successional sandbar vegetation for nesting: what do we lose by managing sandbars for plovers and terns?

  6. Changes in mean catch per unit area in the fish community over three years between IRC treatment and control sites on the Missouri River.

  7. Pallid Sturgeon Monitoring Segment 4 - Missouri River Below the Yellowstone River Confluence

  8. Trends in mean catch per unit area (CPUA) of juvenile Scaphirhynchus sturgeons at two bends in in the lower Missouri River.

  9. Update on Pallid Sturgeon Telemetry: What Have We Done And Where Are We Going?

  10. Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage in the Upper Missouri River Basin: Farm-Level Implications 

  11. “Movement of Hatchery-Reared, Age-0 Paddlefish in Lake Sharpe, South Dakota”

    Improved characterization of age-0 sturgeon interception from hydraulic measurements, Lower Missouri River

    Tracking the Individual Stories of Pallid Sturgeon Within Two Rivers Calls for One System Recovery Approach

    Low-Cost Habitat Mapping of the Missouri River – A Focus on Pallid Sturgeon

    Presence of the Endangered Pallid Sturgeon in the Confluence of the James River and the Missouri River 


Oral Presentations (powerpoints)

False map turtle (Graptemys pseudogeographica) distribution and abundance in a modified river habitat, Lake Oahe, South Dakota

Exploitation and Habitat Use of Missouri River Walleyes

Automated process for abundance estimation of bigheaded carps (Hypophthalmichthys spp.) from low-cost recreational sonar imagery

The Pallid Sturgeon Population Assessment Program v1.0: Observations over the past 15 years of sampling in the lower Missouri River for the Scaphirhynchus species

Loss of potential aquatic-terrestrial subsidies along the Missouri River floodplain

Conditional capture probability of two benthic trawls for age-1 hatchery-reared pallid sturgeon

25 Years of Songbird Banding Along the Missouri River in Central South Dakota

Movements of Native Fish Species Relative to Intake Diversion Dam on the Yellowstone River, Montana

Evaluation of herding techniques for the concentration and mass harvest of bigheaded carps

Recent Expansion of Young Cottonwood and Willow Forests within the Niobrara/Lewis and Clark Reservoir Delta

Hydrodynamic modeling and particle tracking to inform understanding of pallid sturgeon dispersal in the Upper Missouri River, MT

Laboratory experiments to evaluate hydraulic factors mediating dispersal of pallid sturgeon

Using Acoustic Telemetry to Re-establish Historic Fisheries

Observations of Native Fish Species from the Missouri River: Results from the Pallid Sturgeon Population Assessment Program.

Evaluation of habitat availability in a reach of the Missouri River near Hamburg, IA.

Environmental factors in relation to sampling gear effectiveness for Scaphirhynchus species on the lower Missouri River

Effects of temperature on the development of pallid sturgeon free embryos reared in the laboratory

Cottonwood Regeneration Project on LaFramboise Island Nature Area

Looking Back at the Chutes: 10 Years After the Chute Mitigation Project

Long-term Catch Rate Trends for Sturgeon Chubs and Sicklefin Chubs in the Upper Missouri River

University of Nebraska at Omaha Conservation Genetics Center’s Current Projects

Modeling Amphibian Diversity and Distributions in the Upper Missouri River Basin using Machine Learning

Evaluating Long-term Fish Assemblage Data in the Lower Missouri River

Exploring Rainbow Smelt spawning and early life history in a Missouri River reservoir

















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